Kangra History Quiz #3

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1. Hiuen Tsang visited Kangra in


2. Hiuen Tsang remained in Kangra as a guest of
a) Raja Bhram Chand
b) Raja Susharma Chand
c) Raja Utito-
d) Raja Bhumi Chand


3. When Hiuen Tsang visted Kangra, it was subjected to
a) Ashoka
b) Chandragupta
c) Harsha-
d) Ranjit Singh


4. Which Raja of Kangra opposed the conquest of Sankara Varman of Kashmir in 9th Century?


5. When Mahmud Ghazi looted Nagarkot fort, it was called as


6. When Mahmud Ghazi captured Nagarkot fort, the Raja of Trigarta (Kangra) was


7. The Kangra fort remained under garrison of Ghazni till


8. The Kangra fort was recaptured by Rajas of Kangra in around


9. Which Raja of Kangra had reference about him on Shiva temple of Baijnath (Kiragrama)?


10. Muhammed bin Tuglaq captured Kangra fort in which year?


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