Kangra History Quiz #4

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1. Which Raja of Kangra led an expedition for plains and plundered almost to Delhi?


2. During the reign of which raja of Kangra, Feroz Shah visited Jwalamukhi temple?


3. Who was the raja of Kangra When Mongol attacked India?


4. Which raja of Kangra was believed to be dead and his funeral rites were duly performed?


5. Which raja of Kangra was assumed dead by his son Bidhi Chand and revolted against Akbar?


6. Trilok Chand was taken as a hostage at the Mughal Court. He was son of which raja of Kangra?


7. Trilok Chand ascended the throne of Kangra in


8. Who was the first kiladar of Kangra fort under Mughal?


9. In which year Jahangir visited Kangra?


10. Dhameri was renamed ……… by Shahjahan in honor of Noor Jahan.


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