Kangra History Quiz #5

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1. What is the altitude of Chander Bhan ka tilla?


2. Bijapur town remained the residence of Katoch dynasty till reign of Ghamand Chand. Bijapur town was founded by?


3. Which raja of Kangra was called ‘Diwan’ for regular attendence at the Mughal court.


4. Raja Hamir Chand of Kangra ruled for how many years?


5. The last Mughal governor of Kangra was


6. Which raja of Kangra built a thakurdwara in Alampur?


7. Which raja of Kangra founded Sujanpur?


8. Who was appointed as Governor of Jalandhar Doab in 1759 by Ahmad Shah Durrani?


9. At what age Sansar Chand succeeded to the throne of Kangra?


10. In 1781-82, Sansar Chand and Jai Singh Kanheya captured Nagarkot fort from which Mughal Governor?


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