Kangra History Quiz #6

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1. Sansar Chand attacked Mandi and captured young prince of Mandi state. What was the name of that prince?


2. In 1803-04, Sansar Chand invaded plains twice but defeated by


3. Which act of Sansar Chand of Kangra led to downfall of his kingdom?


4. Sansar Chand was defeated by Gurkhas at Mahal Morian in


5. Sansar Chand requested Fateh Chand for help of Ranjit Singh against Gurkhas. This request was accepted in


6. Ranjit Singh kept son of Sansar Chand as hostage. What was the name of Sansar Chand’s son?


7. Ranjit Singh appointed whom as governor of fort and administrator of Kangra hills?


8. When Sansar Chand’s brother Fateh Chand was taken seriously ill, he was saved by


9. Kangra came directly under British Control on


10. Who was the last raja of Kangra state?


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