Kangra History Quiz #1

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1. Kangra was originally a part of…………


2. Which of the follwing river drain in old Jalandhara?


3. 52-Axes of Prehistoric age has been found in village Rahaur on which river’s bank in Kangra district?


4. Out of 360 coins of Audumbras, how many coins have been found in Kangra district?


5. Which historian for the first time talked about the Jalandhara and Trigarta in detail?


6. According to Cunningham, Jalandhara (Danava) was son of


7. Jalandhara (Danava) was killed by


8. Pine trees between Jindrangal and Palampur called as


9. Trigarta got its first mention in 5th century BC by whom


10. Original seat of the Susharma Chandra of Mahabharata was


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