Solan Constituent Assembly

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Solan Constituent Assembly

  • The assembly of representatives of the Shimla Hills rulers and the Praja Mandal took place at Solan from 26th to 28th January 1948, under the chairmanship of ‘Raja Durga Singh of Baghat’.
  • This was attended by popular leaders like Thakur Sen Negi and Satya Dev Bushahri from Bushahr, Bhag Mal Sautha from Jubbal, Hira Singh Pal from Baghal, Devi Ram Musafir, Surat Ram Parkash, Devi Ram Kewala, S.D. Verma, Bhaskara Nand, and many others. (Solan Constituent Assembly)
  • The assembly decided to set up a Union of States and eight members negotiating committee was also set up to carry on negotiations with all concerned parties, with Raja Durga Singh of Baghat as Chairman and Thakur Sen Negi as Vice-Chairman.
  • The announcement for the formation of Himachal Pradesh was made in a public meeting at Solan itself. Raja Durga Singh tried to remove the misgiving in certain quarters about the future status of the Himachal and declared it as an integral part of India with equal rights to all Indian citizens in the state. But in reality, it was a plan to set up a sovereign state within India. (Solan Constituent Assembly)
  • However, a section of Praja Mandalists led by Dr. Y.S. Parmar and Pt. Padam Dev was against this move. Both these leaders were not allowed to enter the assembly at Solan by Organizing Secretary ‘Mahaveer Singh’.
  • On 26th January 1948, a meeting was held under the aegis of AISPC at Shimla, ” where Dr. Y.S. Parmar made it clear that the proposed union would be acceptable only if power was transferred to the people and individual states ceased to exist by creating a unified Himalayan Province. (Solan Constituent Assembly)
  • These proposals were not acceptable to the rulers and the constitution-making body fixed 15th March 1948 as the ‘D’ line for the preparation of the Constitution.
  • The Constitution-making conference at Solan was described by some prominent Praja Mandal workers as a conspiracy to deprive the people of hills of their legitimate share in the fruits of freedom which they had obtained at a considerable sacrifice along with their brethren in other parts of India.
  • Dr. Y.S. Parmar and Pt. Padam Dev rushed to Delhi and apprised Sardar Patel of the intentions of the princely rulers. To force the issue of merger of Hill States with the rest of the country, a Himalayan Prant Provisional Government was set up at `Shimla’ (H.Q.) headed by Shiva Nand Ramaul’. (Solan Constituent Assembly)
  • In the following days, ultimatums were issued to various princely rulers to merge their state with the Indian Union. In the meantime, ‘Ministry of State’ (Union of India) invited the rulers to a conference in Delhi on 2nd March 1948.
  • There the princes of Shimla Hill States were persuaded to merge their states with India. The rulers were led by Raja Joginder Sen of Mandi. An agreement was drawn up and signed by the Rulers on 8th March 1948. (Solan Constituent Assembly)
  • It was also agreed that a new province is named Himachal Pradesh instead of Himalayan Prant as suggested by the Himalayan Hill States Regional Council.

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